The Muppets Mayhem Confirms Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles are in the Same Universe

The episode in query stays within the spirit of Jackson’s exhaustive but completely addictive Disney+ Beatles documentary, “Get Back.” With the assistance of Muppets’ A&R rep Nora (Lilly Singh), The Electric Mayhem band makes an attempt to make their very own live performance movie. Kevin Smith is employed to direct, however Jackson is available in through the last moments to shoot his personal documentary. Muppet Floyd Pepper (Matt Vogel) greets Jackson saying, “You know, we ain’t seen you since that night in Wellington, when we met the Feebles.” Jackson hilariously responds: 

“Yeah it was a bad night. Two of them are in witness protection. The rest are in prison.”

The Feebles reference is the type of deep-cut Easter egg that may solely hit for those who have seen Jackson’s early splatter movies, “Bad Taste” and “Braindead” aka “Dead Alive.” Smack in the course of two of the goriest films ever made in New Zealand, “Meet the Feebles” makes use of a Variety present backdrop to characteristic puppets committing each sick and deplorable act possible. The movie exists in my thoughts as a type of stoner fever dream after monitoring it down after witnessing “Dead Alive” for the primary time. As a Jackson completist, “Meet the Feebles” is important viewing, no matter how traumatic the expertise could also be. 

The entirety of “Meet the Feebles” performs nearly like a puppet model of the lunacy and debauchery discovered within the first act of Ari Aster’s “Beau is Afraid” the place everyone seems to be drugged out, destitute, and very harmful. The primary star is Heidi the Hippo and Robert the Hedgehog, who each attempt to navigate their approach by way of a barrage of puppets doing heroin, making porn, having intercourse, committing homicide and inflicting common chaos. It’s a surprise that the Electric Mayhem band truly survived an evening of partying with the Feebles in any respect. 

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