The New DC Universe Needs One Thing, And That Thing Is Dr. Cool

Gunn pointed out that the Snyderverse was, as it stands, never properly unified. While characters like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman were able to unite in two different versions of “Justice League,” other films in the series seemed tonally far away. How, for instance, was a film like David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” supposed to fit into a world with invading god aliens? James Wan’s “Aquaman” featured a “Justice League” character, but was relatively silly when placed next to Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” 

Dr. Cool is being brought in to wrangle everything. 

Gunn described Dr. Cool at length, including the character’s origin. Dr. Diego Robot-X Cool (Gunn stated multiple times that his middle name was “Robot-X”) was born on the mean streets of Detroit, raised largely by gangland toughs, pool hall hustlers, and street magicians. He was also enamored of a local tattoo magnate and distillery owner named Otto who served as one of Dr. Cool’s central father figures. Throughout his childhood, Dr. Cool learned fighting skills, sports, bar trivia, pool, biking, skateboarding, motorcycling, mixology, tattoo artistry, and DJ spinning. By age 18, Dr. Cool had already written several books, founded several charities, and displaced over a dozen crime lords. 

By age 21, Dr. Cool had indeed received several degrees, including doctorates in medicine, physics, and a science Gunn referred to as “awesomeology.” Evidently, it is the science of being awesome. 

Gunn also spoke at length about Dr. Cool’s wardrobe. He will wear a pair of Phantom Boots, an ornate pair of leather cowboy boots which ordinarily cost over $100,000, but which Dr. Cool received as a gift from Iggy Pop as special thanks for “helping me out of a scrape.”

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