The New DC Universe Slate Is Weird As Heck, And That’s For The Best

When looking at the upcoming slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe titles, you might find a lot of the same names repeated over and over. Furthermore, the same storylines are arguably being represented to audiences in different packages. Instead of Thanos trying to conquer the galaxy, we’ll have Kang trying to conquer the multiverse. It’s getting repetitive and predictable, and it’s possible no amount of so-called fresh voices behind the camera will be able to change this.

These new titles being produced for DC, however, are far from repetitive and predictable. We’re sure that The Authority wasn’t anywhere on your DCU bingo cards, and that’s exciting. From the sounds of it, audiences aren’t going to be watching the same movie with the same characters over and over again. We can’t say any of this for certain, as so many details on these projects are being kept under lock and key. However, the current DCU slate really does seem to be honing in on how strange, weird, and unpredictable comic books can be.

By trying to distance themselves from their inherently weird origins, many post-“Endgame” comic book movies have become indistinguishable from each other. Writers and directors shouldn’t be ashamed of these comic books, so the idea that DC Studios is embracing these different characters and stories moving forward could finally make them a force for Marvel to reckon with. All of this is to say that it’s a really, really good time to be a Swamp Thing fan.

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