The Next Avatar Movies Will Each Have Different Narrators, Starting With Lo’ak

As much as I found Lo’ak to be a fairly compelling character in “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the movie I am waiting for will be the one seen through the eyes of Sigourney Weaver’s Kiri, the seemingly immaculately conceived daughter of Weaver’s Dr. Grace Augustine (her character from the first film) who has been adopted by Jake and Neytiri (Zoe SaldaƱa). This is the character with the most questions that need to be answered, and Weaver’s performance of a teenager trying to figure herself out is actually quite beautiful.

If I had to guess, based on the supposed titles of the future movies, we may not get Kiri’s movie until the fifth film, which is said to be called “The Quest for Eywa.” Because Kiri can obviously tap into the spirit of Eywa and has the ability to command Pandora’s environment and creatures to her will, I imagine she will be the one most keen on getting to the bottom of Eywa. Then again, the fourth film is supposed to be called “The Tulkun Rider,” which fits Lo’ak perfectly based on what we saw him do in “The Way of Water.” So, I could be off-base in my assumption. Regardless of what happens, the Kiri movie is the one I am most excited about, but I will happily take the Lo’ak film next. I trust James Cameron.

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