The Revived Moviepass Has Opened Its Beta, New Pricing And Plan Details Revealed

Instead of a one-cost-fits-all approach, Moviepass will now offer a tiered pricing plan that utilizes a credit-based system. However, it will still be available nationwide for any 2D screening of any movie. The site notes that access to “large format & premium screens is coming soon.” There are four plans: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Pro. While these costs may vary during the beta phase, for my account, they cost $10, $20, $30, and $40, respectively, per month. The number of movies one can see per month with each plan varies wildly, with the Basic plan including one to three movies per month, while the Pro plan includes as many as one per day.

It’s all based on the number of credits one gets with their subscription each month. The Basic plan comes with 34 credits per month in the beta, for example, while the premium plan comes with 113. The number of credits it costs to see a movie varies depending on location, showtime, and other factors. So the number of credits it costs to see something like “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” on opening weekend in a big city versus seeing “80 for Brady” on a weekday in the midwest will, undoubtedly, be wildly different.

The good news is that unused credits will roll over each month, and can accumulate to double the monthly allotted amount. So, under the Basic plan, you would be allowed to accumulate as many as 68 credits at one time with the rollover. So, unused credits do not go to waste. On the surface, this seems like a flexible plan with more options to suit different sorts of moviegoers.

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