The Rise Of Leslie Vernon Is Expanding Into Its Own Horror Movie Universe With New Short

“Wait for It” has been in development since 2017 (via Bloody Disgusting), having originally been funded through an IndieGoGo campaign. It’s not clear why the film was delayed for so long, but what’s important is that it got made in the first place.¬†

Although horror comedies aren’t really my thing, I have a bit of a soft spot for “Behind the Mask” due to its compelling world-building, intricate pastiche, and clear love for the genre. The quirky demeanor of Leslie Vernon (Nathan Baesel) makes him a unique slasher in his own right, but he really becomes memorable when that comforting personality gets dropped completely, making him a legitimately scary threat.

Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked that the world of Vernon is returning, especially after its sequel never panned out. Executive producer Chris Gierowski told Bloody Disgusting that he was honored and happy to help bring the world back to audiences, while also revealing that “Wait for It” has been submitted to several film festivals.

“We are hoping that people want to see more of the ‘Behind The Mask’ universe that David has created,” wrote Gierowski.

“Wait for It” centers around a young woman named Darcy (Lily Anne Harrison) who has previously survived a mysterious killer. When she travels home from a party, she begins feeling like this tormentor has returned. Whether that figure will be Vernon is uncertain, although Baesel has been confirmed to appear in the short.

“Wait for It” will premiere sometime in 2023.

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