‘The Shining’ Book Gets $1,500 Limited-Edition Book

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“Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining” is a 2,000-page collection claiming to be an “unprecedented look at the 1980 cult classic.” With only 1,000 copies available, this collector’s item details the laborious re-writes from director Kubrick, a breakdown of the inner workings of blood elevator, first-hand accounts of the fire at Elstree Studios and hundreds of never-before-seen production photographs curated from the Kubrick archive.

The “definitive compendium” to Stanley Kubrick’s film was authored by J. W. Rinzler (the creator of The Overlook Hotel website), edited by Oscar-winning director Lee Unkrich (“Toy Story 3” and “Coco”) and designed by M/M (Paris) agency (known for their collaborations with Björk and Vogue Paris).

Inspired by the 2005 book, “The Stanley Kubrick Archives,” Rinzler and editor Lee Unkrich embarked on a journey to uncover even more details from this beloved work of cinema. “In 2010 I had an opportunity to visit the Stanley Kubrick archive, it was extremely exciting for me,” Unkrich explained in a Taschen interview. “I saw a lot of things I’d never seen before, I learned things that I didn’t know. It was during that visit to the archives that I first had the thought that maybe there should be a book about the making of ‘The Shining.’”

The project took 12 years, which Unkrich used to his advantage “I had the opportunity to track down every living person who worked on the film.” These conversations led to fascinating stories and loads of new images from private collections.

The work includes a forward penned by Steven Spielberg who provided the pull quote in Taschen’s press materials: “You must read this book. And then watch ‘The Shining’ again the second you put the book down. And I don’t care if you’ve seen it 50 times, you will never see it the same way again. It’s going to change everything.”

‘Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining’ $ 1,500 Buy Now

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