The Spider-Verse Writers’ Plan For The Flash Was ‘Not A Multiversal Story’

THR did an in-depth profile of Lord & Miller forward of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” hitting theaters, and extra feedback have now been revealed in THR’s “Heat Vision” publication. Talking about “The Flash” (Lord & Miller have not seen it, so they are going off the trailers), Miller stated that their model was comparable in some methods, and completely different in others:

“It did involve time travel, but it was not a multiversal story. So I think it is safe to say that this is its own unique thing. There are definitely some things that were in the trailers that I’ve seen that were similar to things that are in our treatment, but I’m certain that, from what I know now of the story, it seems quite different from what we had.”

Lord added that, “A lot of our treatment was about how much food [the Flash] had to consume.” In the comics, the Flash’s tremendous pace means a brilliant quick metabolism; he has to eat big quantities of meals to maintain up along with his powers. The cartoons “Justice League” and “Young Justice” function Wally West (Barry Allen’s protege and successor) incessantly chowing down on big meals and it seems like Lord and Miller’s “Flash” would’ve characterised Barry equally.

Legendary comedian author Grant Morrison — who additionally had a go penning “The Flash” — advised Rolling Stone that their take would not have concerned the multiverse both. “[My script] was a Flash story, so it wasn’t where they wanted to go with multiverse and stuff. And that was the end of it.” 

It appears that centering “The Flash” across the multiverse — with all of the nostalgia cameos that opened the door to — is what lastly bought the mission off the bottom. Time will quickly inform if the method pays off.

“The Flash” releases in theaters on June 16, 2023.

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