The Star Wars Character, Meme, And Legend Explained

Taking place shortly before the events of the first of the prequels, “Tales of the Jedi” gave us the very first time Yaddle spoke on screen (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard). To everyone’s surprise, her syntax was normal, unlike Yoda. This made it clear either Yoda is the weird one, or he is a massive troll who confuses people for no reason.

More importantly, that show also presented the fate of Yaddle after the events of “The Phantom Menace.” Suspicious about the change in behavior of Master Dooku, Yaddle discovers the Jedi in cahoots with none other than Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious. The future Emperor immediately orders Dooku to kill his colleague, and after a quick but cool duel, he does. Unfortunately, that leaves Yaddle a pivotal but tragic figure in the prequel story, as the last step in Dooku becoming a Sith.

After “The Phantom Menace,” Yaddle was replaced by Shaak Ti on the council. The next time in canon that we’d hear about Master Yaddle is in the game “Jedi: Fallen Order” (which is part of the best era of Star Wars that has exploded in popularity the past few years), where protagonist Cal Kestis mentions that his master was Yaddle’s apprentice. Yaddle may be just a female version of Yoda to some, but she has much more to offer to the “Star Wars” universe, as a warrior and a Jedi Master.

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