The Succession Finale Introduced One Last Wild Family Tradition, And It’s The Best Yet

If you’ve got ever been a bored child at a sleepover, Meal Fit For A King may sound acquainted, though the identify appears to have been coined by the Roy youngsters. You take no matter you will have available within the kitchen — on this case, a nasty mixture of expired meals, uncooked eggs with shells, and condiments — and toss it in a blender. Then (no less than in my expertise) you principally dare your pal to drink it and watch them strive to not puke. Hilariously, Roman and Shiv (Sarah Snook) resolve that that is one of the best ways to inaugurate their newly chosen CEO, they usually bounce across the kitchen with the slap-happy attitudes of youngsters up well past their bedtime.

The “Meal Fit For A King” scene is without doubt one of the greatest within the finale, if not all the collection. Much fuss has been made concerning the insidious hazard of “Succession” humanizing the evil individuals at its heart, however I personally assume there’s nothing harmful about attempting to know what evil seems to be like when the information cameras are shut off. It’s simple to get that some persons are merely dangerous for the world; it is more durable to acknowledge that those self same dangerous persons are people, with human relationships and wishes and foolish sleepover traditions. “Succession” would not should be morally helpful to be a terrific present, however I feel there’s one thing to be gleaned from its understanding of human psychology — and its full unwillingness to make its characters the kind of morally coherent supervillain that blockbuster films are made from.

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