The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Board Game Brings Leatherface To A Tabletop Near You

Next year marks a major milestone for fans of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” Tobe Hooper’s legendary horror film, which was released in 1974, will celebrate its 50th anniversary — and unsurprisingly, licensed adaptations are not far behind. Look no further than Gun Interactive, the publisher behind the wildly popular “Friday the 13th: The Game,” who will release the first licensed “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” video game since 1983 later this month.

But board game fans will have their fun, too. Horror publisher Trick or Treat Studios will also bring the slasher to a tabletop near you with “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Board Game.” Designer Scott Rogers is best known for another licensed adaptation, Ravensburger’s “ALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo.” Here players will work together to survive the dangerous machinations of the game itself. If you cannot avoid Leatherface or other members of the Sawyer — excuse me, “Slaughter” — family, you may soon find yourself on the business end of a meat hook.

Those curious about the pedigree of Trick or Treat Studios should note that this is not their first board game release. The studio has previously worked with notable designers like Reiner Knizia on a handful of reimagined classics, and the studio continues to build on its official licenses with a “Halloween” adaptation also set to hit this fall. But if you have always dreamed of being chased by Leatherface across the fields of Bastrop County — well, then, I suppose this one’s for you.

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