The Two Aspects Of Andor That Made Andy Serkis Decide To Return To Star Wars

According to the interview, Andy Serkis was impressed by Cassian Andor’s debut in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and how the “Star Wars” universe has room for different types of storytelling. He said: 

“What is so brilliant about this franchise and this universe is that it can allow for that amount of humanity to really come through in ‘Rogue One.’ The other [‘Star Wars’] worlds are beautifully drawn in a slightly more operatic and heightened world that they operate in, which is equally delicious. But this always felt like real grit and real sweat. The story just felt very complete and grounded.”

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” did have a very different feel than other films in the franchise. It was certainly darker than the rest (aside from the younglings scene in “Episode III”) and felt more grounded in reality. Sure, it was a reality that involved spaceships, but it was less fantasy-driven. In “Andor,” we see the personal toll that being a revolutionary takes on regular people, what they have to give up, and what they’re willing to die for, as Kino Loy is. (That said, it wouldn’t be a complete shock if he survived somehow.)

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