The Way Of Water Has Made Over $1 Billion From 3D Screenings

According to data from Comscore and the 3D format company RealD, a majority of the ticket revenue for “Avatar: The Way of Water” has come from 3D screenings of the film. The Wrap reports that a whopping 61% of “Avatar: The Way of Water” tickets sold worldwide have been for 3D screenings: that accounts for $1.16 billion of the $1.928 billion total. Who would’ve thought that 3D would make a comeback? Well, besides James Cameron, of course.

The Wrap reached out to RealD for a comment, and VP of sales and marketing, Sean Spencer, expressed plenty of optimism for a resurgence in 3D sales throughout 2023:

“‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ reminded the industry just how amazing 3D can look and that moviegoers still enjoy the format and will pay the premium for a high-quality 3D experience. Just like the original ‘Avatar’ did when it was released, this film has reignited interest in the format and RealD is continually speaking with studios and filmmakers about their upcoming titles and the new creative possibilities that can be unlocked and offered to consumers.”

The success of the first “Avatar” inspired a wave of 3D filmmaking in the early 2010s. But there’s a huge difference between this sequel and the 3D titles that emerged in the aftermath of “Avatar”: Cameron incorporates the format into every single stage of the filmmaking process. Elsewhere, it’s become the norm for 3D to be added during the post-production stage. And that difference is critical.

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