The Way Of Water Theme Song ‘Nothing Is Lost’

Although The Weeknd could have easily re-used footage from “Avatar: The Way of Water” for the official music video, the filmmakers behind “Nothing is Lost” create new, dynamic imagery. A free-flying camera takes us across the surface of Pandora, from the blue skies to the densely populated depths of the ocean. The faces of the characters are obscured, but the music video seemingly focuses on the children of the Sully clan. The Weeknd himself makes an appearance, but that’s probably the least interesting part (no offense to the worldwide megastar). However, his vocals carry a score by Simon Franglen that is appropriately epic in scale and thematic undertones. 

The trippy visuals in the music video for “Nothing is Lost” recapture the beauty of Pandora and the fire that engulfs it thanks to the human invaders. The Weeknd could have phoned it in, but I’m sure a project with the “Avatar” name was never going to settle for less. That said, the end credits sequence that goes alongside the song during the film is pretty great, too. If you want to experience the theme song with some premium surround sound, “Avatar: The Way of Water” is currently in theaters.

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