The Way Of Water To ‘Take The Boundaries Off’ Female Empowerment

Taking place a decade later, “Avatar: The Way of Water” is more about family than it is about the war between the Na’vi and the human invaders. So, sure, it makes good storytelling sense to show the cycle of life taking place among the blue and aqua-skinned aliens on the distant moon of Pandora. In Cameron’s sequel, the culture is more fleshed-out and believable because we’re introduced to the babies, teenagers, and adults that inhabit the world. Cameron is probably overstepping in his comments, appearing a little tone-deaf when it comes to what makes women strong and powerful, telling Rodriguez during their Variety talk:

“It doesn’t happen in our society, probably hasn’t happened for hundreds of years. But I guarantee you, back in the day, women had to fight for survival and protect their children, and it didn’t matter if they were pregnant. And pregnant women are more capable of being a lot more athletic than we, as a culture, acknowledge. I thought, ‘Let’s take the real boundaries off.'”

Cameron is too enamored with his own characters that he deems them complex just because they’re able to tackle motherhood and wartime, simultaneously.

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