The Way Of Water’s Score Paid Tribute To Avatar Composer James Horner [Exclusive]

In an exclusive interview with our own Jack Giroux, Simon Franglen spoke of the way he incorporated the late James Horner’s music from “Avatar” into “Avatar: The Way of Water,” saying:

James Horner was a good friend of mine … and we wanted to bring some of the themes from ‘Avatar’ into ‘Avatar 2″ … it also made sense for the canon of films … for instance, where it was appropriate, I tended to do it more towards the beginning of the film because that’s the one where we’re doing that connective tissue from A1 to A2, that sort of, ‘Meanwhile, this is what happened.’ 

Franglen went on to use a flying sequence between Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) in the sequel as an example of music that was pulled directly from Horner’s work, claiming that it gave “The Way of Water” a “sort of resonance.” He also recalled James Cameron looking for specific musical “flavors” and “textures” from Horner’s music to be intertwined into the newer melodies so that the films would accrue a “canon of motifs.” 

“Motif” is just a fun word that defines the connection between a sound and an idea, and movies that utilize motifs correctly are often remembered well beyond their years. Consider “Hedwig’s Theme” in the “Harry Potter” series, which is used to symbolize the thrill of entering a magical world. For “Avatar,” to better link to its future entries, keeping those musical themes in mind while creating new pieces is vital. Speaking of creating new pieces …

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