The Witch From Mercury Interrupts A Heartfelt Reunion With The Witches From Earth

Meanwhile, opposing forces converge at Plant Quetta. Vim Jeturk offers to crush Grassley with Delling’s help, but really wants Delling’s head on a platter. Shaddiq borrows Jeturk’s resources to threaten Delling with the Dawn of Fold mercenary group; he also puts Vim in danger and even risks Miorine’s life. Guel remains a prisoner of Dawn of Fold, although his observation that the group is using genuine Jeturk robots for their operation may have put a target on his back. Meanwhile, Lady Prospera (who seemingly identifies herself in this episode as “Elnora Samaya”) chats with Delling about his mysterious Quiet Zero project.

The next episode promises a confrontation with “the Witches of Earth,” Sophie and Norea. The two of them are piloting genuine Gundams, named “Lfrith Ur” and “Lfrith Thorn” respectively. It’s worth noting that Elnora once piloted the XGF-02 Gundam Lfrith, which appeared in the prologue. That would explain the similarity of the Ur and Thorn faceplates to the Aerial, although I have to wonder whether these machines take a similar toll on their pilots as other GUND technology. I’m not yet sure what to make of Sophie and Norea, although we’ve only known them for a short time. I like that Norea continues her sketching habit in space, and Sophie’s energy and adoration of Suletta makes her fun to watch. But as representatives of Earth, they and their boss shoulder a heavy burden. Whether they are positioned as people with real wants and needs, or stereotypical psychopathic anime terrorists, may determine how this crucial hinge point of “Witch From Mercury” plays out.

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