The Witcher Season 3 puts fan-favorite Jaskier in the spotlight

Jaskier makes as dramatic an entrance as ever in the season 3 premiere, being tossed out of the house of his on-and-off love Vespula (Beau Holland), a character video game fans will no doubt recognize. Vespula is furious at the lothario for his latest affair, but he’s quickly sidetracked from her wrath by the sudden appearance of sorceress spy Philippa (Cassie Clare). “When will magic, sexy women just stop jumping out at me?!” he laments. Hopefully never, because the character’s frank sense of humor and complete lack of humility are the perfect counterbalance to Geralt’s perpetual scowl and Yen’s guarded attitude.

Season 3 finds a great companion for Jaskier, not in his new paramour Prince Radovid (Hugh Skinner) — more on him in a minute — but in young Ciri (Freya Allan) herself. As Jaskier ends up tasked with protecting Ciri, the pair fall into an easy, playful dynamic, cracking jokes about the more melodramatic members of their little found family when they witness Yen and Geralt in an argument-turned-embrace. Jaskier and Ciri have met before, but it was when there was very little time for fun and games, so seeing the two together in season 3 is delightful. Plus, Ciri is clearly in a rebellious phase, and as the girl whose future is tangled with the fate of the world comes to see Geralt and Yen as parents of sorts, Jaskier’s fun uncle vibe seems like a healthy, grounding force for her.

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