The Witcher Star Anya Chalotra’s Favorite Henry Cavill Moment From His Final Season

Just because Henry Cavill won’t be returning for season 4 of “The Witcher” doesn’t mean the show won’t be continuing. Of course, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is having to rearrange things considerably, despite securing Liam Hemsworth as Cavill’s replacement. But before season 4 arrives and Freya Allan’s Ciri becomes the show’s main character, Yennefer of Vengerberg actor, Anya Chalotra, has taken some time to reflect on her most memorable moments with Cavill.

Speaking to Vulture, the 27-year-old was asked if she could recall a scene from season 3 that was “most emblematic of what it was like working with [Cavill].” And rather than choosing any of the action sequences to which the star devoted so much of his energy, Chalotra pointed to a more lighthearted moment. She said:

“There’s a scene in the woods with all four of us. I couldn’t wait to film it because I loved that moment in the books. Jaskier and Ciri are mimicking us as we argue far away. We had to improvise an argument, and we didn’t get anything out. We just laughed the whole time. I don’t know how they managed to put that together in the edit because it was coming to the end of the night, or rather the morning, and we just couldn’t stop laughing. We were just saying gobbledygook.”

That particular scene comes in episode 4 of the third season and is quite a touching moment between the tumult of Cavill’s final season, made even more charming by the fact that neither Chalotra nor her co-star were actually saying anything meaningful as they conversed.

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