The Witcher’s Crew Only Has One Rule For Crafting The Series’ Weapons

Jeffries explained that there is a specific range of time that the armorers of “The Witcher” use when designing swords: the 15th century:

“Everything has the look that it’s manufactured between about 1400 and 1475. If I make a Roman sword, I’ll try and make a Roman sword like it was made by a medieval armorer.”

Since this is roughly the period “The Witcher” is modeled on, the choice makes sense. Choosing a specific time, rather than just vaguely “medieval,” is also key to keeping the series’ aesthetic consistent. Not only do the swords match each other, they fit the rest of the period. A sword designed like it was in the 8th or 18th century would look equally out of place.

Jeffries adds that characterization isn’t only the job of the “The Witcher” writers’ room. To do his job effectively, he has to imagine why a character — even a background extra — has the weapons and armor they that they have:

“I have a little process where I have to invent a backstory for everybody so I have my own mini background for every character. If I trace it back, then I can come forward, and that’s what gives them the object that they’ve got.”

Do you know who else has Jeffries’ enthusiasm for the weapons of “The Witcher”? Henry Cavill, who starred as the series’ eponymous monster hunter Geralt of Rivia. In a promotional video for the series, Cavill went into detail about Geralt’s different swords, their designs, and their histories/utilities. Cavill is leaving “The Witcher” and will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth in season 4; it remains to be seen if he will share Jeffires’ and Cavill’s passion for swords.

“The Witcher” is streaming on Netflix.

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