The Wrath Of Becky Directors And Lulu Wilson On Inviting A New Audience Into Becky’s World [Exclusive Interview]

We need not get into spoiler territory right here or something, however you guys laid a lot floor for a 3rd film. Is that only for enjoyable? Or do you guys have already got a plan of the place you’ll go, given that chance?

Coote: Yes. B. Option B.

Angel: If we’re given the chance, we all know precisely the place we’re going.

I perceive you do not wish to say an excessive amount of, however has there been any dialog about that in an official capability but?

Angel: There’s not official. There’s been speak about it.

Wilson: Yeah. It’s not like “We’re going to go do this, and this is what it’s going to be like right now.” I’m so down actually for at any time when, no matter.

Coote: She’s down, we’re down.

Wilson: It does not matter what it’s, I’ll do it if it is “Becky.”

Angel: Yeah. I feel a giant a part of it, too is, let’s have a look at how individuals really feel about this.

Lulu Wilson: I feel the main focus proper now could be simply [“The Wrath of Becky”].

Right. Obviously, I do not wish to get too forward of it, however yeah.

Wilson: But in fact, it’s blatantly establishing one thing else.

You are in “The Fall in the House of Usher,” if I’m not mistaken.

Wilson: Yeah. That’s so humorous. Yeah, the second one who talked about that. It’s simply so bizarre as a result of I really feel like there’s nothing about it out on the planet but, and I’m ready.

So are you able to discuss in any respect about your expertise engaged on it?

Wilson: Honestly, I can speak about my expertise. I did not learn all of the scripts. I’m solely within the first half of the primary episode. It’s good as a result of I get to form of begin one thing out, however yeah, it is a bunch of Edgar Allan Poe tales. From what I do know, I truthfully — it was a really brief factor. I obtained to set and I goofed round and did my factor, after which left.

Angel: Were you a foolish goose?

Wilson: Oh my god. Well, I used to be a foolish goose, however I used to be a distressed goose as a result of I needed to be lined in water.

Angel: Oh, that is proper. That was for that.

Wilson: [There was a] rain machine. And that was additionally 16-hour days in moist pajamas.

The stuff while you’re like, “I want to be an actor.” And you by no means actually take into account…

Wilson: I imply, I adore it. But you are going to be moist and lined in blood and filth.

Angel: And chilly.

Wilson: And actually chilly. Temperature on set, that’s one thing I’ll say about performing, is rarely appropriate. You’re both too scorching otherwise you’re too chilly, and you may’t do something about it […] No, it is Edgar Allan Poe. And that is, I assume, all you must know. Other actually good actors. It was actually enjoyable. I obtained to be in filth and water. There was a scene although with an axe, they usually selected the opposite particular person to make use of the axe, and I used to be somewhat pissed about that. So I do need to say, I’ll put Mike [Flanagan] on blast for not letting me chop down the … yeah.

Well, I suppose if we do get to “Becky 3,” there’s ample alternative for an axe.

Wilson: Yeah, we should always do an axe.

Coote: Duly famous.

So, okay. Just to complete off, in the event you do get to “Becky 3,” what weapon do you wish to see Becky use?

Wilson: A sword.

Angel: I desire a sword battle.

Hell yeah.

Wilson: Yeah. Because I fence and I understand how to…

Coote: She’s a aggressive fencer.

Holy s***.

Angel: We had been speaking in our dream world, if there have been a “Becky 3,” I used to be like, “You fence. You’ve fenced for five years. There’s got to be a sword fight.”

Wilson: Yeah. Some type of, I do not know. I’d love a Becky/pirate crossover.

Angel: Well, give it some thought. I imply…

Wilson: Becky’s on a ship.

Angel: Yeah. Becky’s on a ship.

Wilson: Becky’s on a ship and she or he’s with pirates and swords and swashbuckling Becky.

You might do Somalian pirates or one thing.

Wilson: Honestly, that might be sick. Or simply modern-day, prefer it’s Jack Sparrow, however he is on TikTok.

Angel: There’s a variety of alternative in our minds.

Wilson: There’s so many locations to go.

So you had your Kevin James, your Seann William Scott, have you ever put any consideration to that third humorous man who may be within the third one?

Angel: Not but.

Coote: Just as a result of I do not wish to get my coronary heart damaged.

Angel: I truly lied. I do have somebody. I do not know what they’d say, although. I do not know. I’d love…

Wilson: Don’t say it out loud if you would like him.

Angel: I’d like to see Neil Patrick Harris.

Wilson: Oh my god.

Angel: A really darkish villain in an motion/comedy.

Coote: But that response is precisely the director’s Spidey-sense about somebody.

Angel: I feel he might kill it.

Coote: Because you are like, “Wait a minute. Of course.”

Wilson: Yeah. That’s how I really feel about Kevin James and Sean.

“The Wrath of Becky” hits theaters on May 27, 2023.

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