There’s A New Kind Of Ghostface Killer In Town

Here’s a scenario that’ll hit much too close to home for anyone who’s ever lived in or even visited the Big Apple. It’s a late weekday night and you’re waiting patiently to check out of your local grocery store. Suddenly, two clearly terrified girls burst into the building and go right to the counter to scream unintelligible things at the store manager. Obviously, at your wit’s end and with absolutely no patience left, you turn around with all the passive/aggressive attitude you can possibly muster and whine about how, “There’s a line here, girls.”

Honestly, how could anyone not be obsessed with this incredible line reading, which is far and away the highlight of the entire trailer? Yes, yes, the harrowing set piece that follows is important too, where Ghostface bursts into the store, stabs that poor goateed man right in the gut, and proceeds to hunt his prey (Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter and Jenna Ortega’s sister Tara) with a shotgun in the claustrophobia-inducing aisles of a typical city convenience store. But the first rule of any movie set in New York City is as simple as this: get the local flavor right. So on that note, annoyed goatee guy is a very good sign that “Scream 6” directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are doing justice to all of the city’s wonderful idiosyncrasies.

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