They’re Back For One Last Hunt, And It’s A Big One

“Hunters” debuted in 2020 to mixed reviews, but earned a season renewal a few months later. When it returns, though, it’ll have been nearly three years since its first season, and it looks like the show may be including a time jump of its own. Now, Jonah seems to be trying to get the band back together for one last hunt, which includes Carol Kane’s Mindy, Kate Mulvany’s Sister Harriet, and most if not all of the rest of the season 1 crew. Also on board? Jennifer Jason Leigh, playing a stylish and intimidating character called Chava Apfelbaum who says she’s been searching for Hitler for 20 years.

As with season 1, “Hunters” season 2 looks like it’ll mix some dark humor in with its justice-driven plot. While Chava talks about a plan to get Hitler’s “mustache on a pike,” Sister Harriet offers to put her skull-adorned staff where the sun doesn’t shine. Meanwhile, in one of the wildest needle drops I’ve heard in ages, the whole trailer seems to be accompanied by a non-English-language version of the song “Milkshake,” originally by Kelis.

There’s certainly some wacky stuff happening here in a season that looks to be going all out for the show’s last hurrah. But at trailer’s end, “Hunters” also gets to the core of its premise, too, asking an always-pertinent question about the fight against hatred: “If not us, then who?”

“Hunters” returns to Prime Video on January 13, 2023.

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