This Is One Of The Best Movies Of 2023

/Film’s own Chris Evangelista reviewed the film out of Sundance, calling it “lovely,” “contemplative,” and “stunning.” He remarked about the film’s dream-like qualities, which makes it seem like it’s going to be a really lovely and emotional film about human connection. In fact, Evangelista sung the movie’s praises in a major way in his review:

“The film gathers you up in its hands and carries you along with it, resulting in what will surely be one of the best films of 2023. And audiences will surely find themselves swept up in the reality the characters find themselves in — who among us doesn’t have regrets and dreams about the past? We’re all haunted and sometimes comforted by thoughts of what might have been, and acceptance of what we really have, in this life or the next.”

“Past Lives” is the directorial debut of playwright Celine Song, who also wrote the script. It stars Lee, Yoo, and John Magaro, who plays Nora’s later husband, Arthur. The film also recently screened at Berlinale 2023. It will receive a wide release this summer. 

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