This Is One Of The Most Important Scenes In Killers Of The Flower Moon, According To Martin Scorsese

Despite his professed love for Mollie, Ernest can be slowly poisoning her with insulin. Or is he? Scorsese tells Deadline that DiCaprio requested him “‘Where’s the heart of this thing?'” To which Scorsese replied: 

“[I]t’s Ernest. He loves her and she loves him. And yet… when does he know he’s poisoning her? Is it really insulin they’re giving her for her diabetes? All of that is unknown. But he’s obviously harming her, and how does someone who’s in love with this person, has a family, kids, do that? Clearly, he’s being manipulated by Bill [De Niro’s character], his uncle.”

Why Ernest is poisoning Mollie is outwardly handled as a grey space, morally. Is Ernest administering the insulin for Mollie’s diabetes, or is he in denial about what he is actually doing? According to Scorsese, that is what’s so vital in regards to the scene: 

“That’s the key. That’s the scene. And that scene took until the day we shot it, to write it. We just kept working on the scenes day by day, weekend by weekend. And when he nods, when Leo says, ‘Well, you know, it’s just gonna slow her down.’ He’s saying, ‘I accept in denial what all of you are forcing me to do.'”

Obviously, having not seen the movie I am unable to remark an excessive amount of on how that is all enjoying out, but when Scorsese says this scene is vital, then I belief him. I imply, he is Marty Freakin’ Scorsese. He is aware of what he is doing.

“Killers of the Flower Moon” opens in choose theaters on October 6, earlier than a large launch within the United States on October 20, 2023. 

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