This Is The Army Of Darkness Scene That Sent Bruce Campbell To The ER

While shooting the climax of “Army of Darkness,” there’s a moment where Bruce Campbell flips a stuntman playing one of the Deadite skeletons over some stairs. He ended up getting a cut on his face that required making a pit stop to the ER, where Campbell had a hilarious interaction with the doctor assigned to him. As he explained on the film’s home media commentary track:

“The doctor that they got to sew me up looked in my face and there was already six or seven cuts on my face. He was like, ‘Which one is cut?’ And then, of course, he had to get his little dig in. As he stitched me up, he goes ‘That one, these other cuts, they don’t look very real.’ It’s like, yeah, but you didn’t know when I first came in here which one was the real cut.”

The doctor that stitched Campbell up seems like one of those folks who watch a horror movie with the intention of not being scared, end up jumping, and then try to convince everyone else that it didn’t actually scare them. I think it’s pretty awesome that the makeup was so good that it initially fooled a medical professional.

It’s not unlike the “Friday the 13th: Part II” incident when Jason actor Steve Dash was rushed to the hospital after a machete slip-up nicked his hand. But he still had the fake machete lodged in his shoulder, which naturally frightened the hospital workers. Anyone that needs to take a trip to the ER would naturally want to rest up from an incident like nearly getting skewered in the face, but Campbell had other plans.

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