Ti West Focused On Staying Out Of Mia Goth’s Way During Her Pearl Monologue

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Ti West discussed filming the 8-minute monologue, revealing it was paramount for him and the crew to stay out of the way as Mia Goth delivered her performance:

There was a six-minute chunk in the middle that, once she said a certain string of words, began what I was hoping not to have to cut from. If anything was going to go wrong on set, it had to go wrong before she said those words […] There was this intense focus on set to stay out of her way. As soon as she started the monologue, it was like, if anyone had a problem, you had to say it then […] We probably did it maybe six or seven times. I think the fourth one is what’s in there, and she nailed it every time.

I think it’s safe to say that most people would get out of Goth’s way if she was going off like that. But to West’s point, it makes sense to ensure that there were no distractions while shooting the intense, dialogue-heavy scene. Although there are a few cuts during the first parts of her speech, “Pearl” does not cut away from its star for nearly six minutes straight, so any interruptions during that time would have made the take unusable. Everything in the film leads up to this moment, and it’s clear everyone behind the scenes understood its significance, too.

Goth has said that “MaXXine” will be the best installment of the “X” trilogy, but it’s going to be hard to top what “Pearl” accomplishes — especially in that outstanding monologue.

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