Timo Tjahjanto Shooting ‘The Shadow Strays’ Indonesian Action Film

Indonesian genre specialist Timo Tjahjanto has begun production on “The Shadow Strays,” a new action film project.

Tjahjanto is one half of a writing-directing pair with Kimo Stamboel that are colloquially known as the Mo Brothers and previously delivered “Headshot.” However, it was as a solo director that Tjahjanto (“May the Devil Take You Too,” “The Night Comes for Us”) was signed to a multi-film deal with Netflix in 2022. He delivered his first picture under that arrangement later that year. “The Big 4” debuted in Netflix’s non-English language top ten.

Production of the new title is handled by Frontier Pictures with Wicky V. Olindo and Anne P. Ralie named as producers. The completion date has not been revealed.

Tjahjanto has assembled a kicking ensemble cast, many of whom previously appeared in “The Big 4.” The cast includes Aurora Ribero (“Like & Share,” “Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens”), Hana Malasan (“Ben & Jody”), Ali Fikri (“Nussa,” “Satria Dewa: Gatotkaca”), Adipati Dolken (“Posesif,” “Why Do You Love Me”), Kristo Immanuel (“The Big 4”), Andri Mashadi (“KKN di Desa Penari,” “The Big 4”), Taskya Namya (“Waktu Maghrib”), Agra Piliang (“Serigala Terakhir,” “Galih & Ratna”), Daniel Eka and Tanta Ginting (“Star Syndrome,” “Balada Si Roy”), as well as Malaysia’s Chew Kin Wah (“Check the Store Next Door,” “Buya Hamka”), veteran actor Arswendy Bening Swara (“Autobiography,” “Missing Home”), Hiroaki Kato (“Ivanna”) and Nobuyuki Suzuki (“Soekarno,” “Nagabonar Jadi 2”).

“The Indonesian film industry has evolved rapidly in recent years. More and more creators and stories from Indonesia are now being seen and appreciated by audiences and critics around the world,” said Rusli Eddy, Netflix’s content lead in Indonesia last year at a slate unveiling event.

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