Tom Cruise Pushed Through The Pain Of A Broken Ankle To Finish A Mission: Impossible

Even a well-choreographed action scene can sometimes go wrong, and it’s up to the actor to navigate how to move forward. Cruise has insisted on performing his stunts because he has a fascinating relationship with danger — he has been trying out tricky flips and bicycle jumps since he was a child. He proved his unwavering commitment to his work again during the filming of “Mission: Impossible — Fallout,” in a rooftop chase against co-star Henry Cavill that seriously injured the actor and temporarily caused production to shut down. 

You’d think Cruise would ask to be moved to emergency care … but the star was more worried about whether they managed to film the take.

In behind-the-scenes footage of the film, director Christopher McQuarrie, stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood, Cruise, and his co-star Simon Pegg went over the scene. In the completed sequence, the actor is seen jumping from scaffolding on one building to seemingly the rooftop of the other — but the stunt was designed to depict Cruise’s character falling short of his landing. The actor injured his leg while putting it out mid-air to soften his impact on hitting the attached wall, but the force of his jump caused his ankle to twist and break. Despite the agony he found himself in, Cruise pulled himself up and crawled to move past the camera so that the scene wouldn’t be ruined.

McQuarrie described the intended scene as a “small bit of action that joined two acts together,” which later grew in “size and in complexity.”

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