Tony Bennett Was The First Celebrity To Appear As Himself On The Simpsons

In “Dancin’ Homer,” the alcoholic Simpson patriarch is at his local dive bar lamenting his sorry life state. The barflies around him correctly assume that Homer is especially sad because he once brushed against greatness. This was the case. Homer tells a story of how he once went to a local baseball game and, in a fit of pique, began dancing for the crowd. He worked the crowd into a frenzy of excitement and the local team won the game as a result. Homer was then hired as the team’s regular mascot. His shenanigans captured the attention of the closest Major League Baseball team, the Capital City Capitals. Famously, “The Simpsons” has always been coy about its geography, so Capital City is in whatever state you might want. 

When the Simpsons drive into Captial City to pursue Homer’s new job, they are all dazzled by the bright lights of the sophisticated urban center. They ogle landmarks that are alien to the audience, but clearly a big deal for the Simpsons (The Penny Loafer restaurant! 4th Street and D!). As they drive, Tony Bennett sings about Capital City on the soundtrack. The tune is meant to be reminiscent of “New York, New York,” but mildly comedic. “It’s the kind of place that makes a bum feel like a king, and makes a king feel like a nutty, cuckoo super king.”

Then, what a surprise! The Simpsons’ car pulls up next to Tony Bennett himself! Marge (Julie Kavner) recognizes him. He wears a suit and holds a microphone. “Hey, good to see you!” he says. Tony then goes back to singing about Capital City. 

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