TRON 3 Production Has Been Officially Delayed Due To Ongoing Writer And Actor Strikes

Look, when I rolled my eyes at the casting of Jared Leto for a significant role in “Tron: Ares” (which isn’t the first time this has happened, I admit) and declared that this cursed production should probably just be delayed indefinitely, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. But I’m not the only one feeling the frustration these days, apparently, as director Joachim Rønning has taken to Instagram to vent about the film officially entering a production delay as the dual strikes rage on against the AMPTP. Of course, Rønning is only in a position to do so after the Director’s Guild of America reached a deal months ago, preventing the unprecedented scenario of all three unions going on strike simultaneously and subsequently putting some serious pressure on the studios to come up with industry-altering deals.

Still, the essence of Rønning’s full post is worth appreciating. After heaping praise on his actor and writer collaborators over the course of his career, the filmmaker notes that much of their work basically amounts to freelancing that’s plagued by “constant uncertainty.” Alluding to the necessity of having their demands met, he goes on to say, “[…] I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for a better safety net.” That includes fair pay, transparency from studios, and curbing the pernicious spread of artificial intelligence in the arts — an irony that isn’t lost on the director of the third “Tron” movie:

“And that means that AI needs to be regulated. There is no doubt about the threat the technology poses to all creatives.”

However, since strikes are inherently meant to be disruptive, that means that countless workers continue to be adversely affected by the production shutdowns, leading to Rønning’s impassioned plea.

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