Two Serial Killers, One Show

Okay, I’ll bite, what’s in the bloody tupperware?

There is nothing that Joe Goldberg hates more than staring into the mirror. Besides murder, Joe’s greatest talent is his ability to lie to himself. Through his inner monologues, he paints himself as the hero in his story or at the very least, the unfortunate soul who has stumbled into bad circumstances. This is a blatant lie, but one that Joe can easily accept. At least until he comes face-to-face with someone who truly sees him.

Love Quinn was the most notable example: not only did she read Joe for filth, but reflected his own flaws back at him. Impulsive, murderous, obsessive, and deluded, Love was basically the female version of Joe. Once he recognized the worst parts of himself in his wife, he was quick to burn their life down. But now, circumstance has put another serial killer in Joe’s path. And much like Love, poor ol’ murderous Rhys is just hoping for companionship. “Someone who shares my interests,” he tells Joe in the trailer. “Someone I can finally tell my secrets to.” Forget about love, is it time for Joe to finally make a friend? Evidently not, because he outright refuses to help with Rhys’ dirty work. But let it be known that right after saying “I am not some cold-blooded psycho,” Joe is immediately seen digging a grave.

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