Underrated Crime Shows That You Can Binge Right Now

“Sharp Objects” arrived after the release of HBO’s other big debut, the one and only “Big Little Lies.” The late Jean-Marc Vallée returned to the director’s chair for “Sharp Objects,” an adaptation of “Gone Girl” author Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name. Audiences might have been expecting more of the sunny, fiercely feminist, diabolical intrigue of “Big Little Lies,” though from the premiere onward, “Sharp Objects” proved to be anything but. Arguably one of the darkest television shows ever, “Sharp Objects” started in the thematic muck and only dug itself deeper as it progressed, ending with one of the most shocking final lines in history (even for fans of the book who knew what to expect).

Amy Adams’ Camille Preaker is a reporter assigned to cover a string of child murders and disappearances in her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri. Grappling with severe alcoholism, body dysmorphic disorder, and a host of other ailments, returning home might well spell her doom. And it nearly does, as she reunites with her treacly, sinister mother, Adora (Patricia Clarkson), a local socialite who all but runs Wind Gap. While the central mystery often takes a backseat to character development (likely accounting for its small viewership), it remains one of the most gripping, traumatizing tales of female violence ever conceived.

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