Unlike Harrison Ford, Karen Allen Isn’t Swearing Off Indiana Jones Quite Yet

In “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” we learn that Indy and Marion’s marriage is on the rocks — they’ve separated in the wake of the death of their son, Mutt Williams, who was killed in Vietnam. As a result, Marion doesn’t have a big role in the film — she doesn’t show up until the very end for a surprise cameo. And by all accounts, that’s the last we’ll see of Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood. 

Or is it?

While speaking with Variety, Allen was asked if she would ever return to the role in some capacity. The answer was a resounding yes. “Absolutely,” Allen said, before adding: “I don’t necessarily think that that is something that’s going to happen, but it would be delightful to play her again. I mean, I feel like I didn’t really have the opportunity in this film to take her into this later part of her of her life. It would be incredible to be able to explore who she is and who she’s become.”

It’s clear that Allen has a lot of thoughts about her character and her journey. However, Allen is also realistic. “They’re so interwoven with each other, I can’t imagine someone creating a film that revolved around Marion without Indy, but never say never,” she said. “It could always happen!”

Allen is right that it seems unlikely someone would ever make a movie about Marion without Indy. But you never know — maybe Disney+ could make an animated series and Allen could lend her voice to the show. Or maybe we really have seen the last of Marion Ravenwood.

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