Valhalla Gets A Season 3 Renewal From Netflix

Nowadays it is not a guarantee that a Netflix show will have multiple seasons — or even that a completed film will get released. Times have changed in Hollywood and in the streaming world, so it is genuinely good news for “Vikings” fans to see this show getting a chance to continue telling its story. Netflix even revealed a little teaser that shows what we can expect, promising new locations and also new adventures.

Season 2 ended with Leif and Harald in Constantinople, having earned the favor of the Byzantine Emperor, Romanos. For history nerds, this storyline promises lots of cool battles and exotic locations in Southern Europe. Meanwhile, with Olaf not only dead but killed in defense of his religion, things are bound to get tenser in good old Kattegat. But there are questions remaining, like whether Freydís and her Jomsvikings will truly be left alone in peace — and with the promise of Godwin and Gytha’s children being in line for the English throne, we should expect to see some time skips like in the original “Vikings” show.

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