Velma Serves As An Origin Story For Shaggy

In an interview with Metacritic, Richardson calls the Norville origin story “How he gets to point B from point A. Or point Z!” He also points out that this iteration of Shaggy “hates drugs,” and that he starts out the series defined by his major crush on Velma. “When we first meet Norville, it is that obsession of just wanting to be in the orbit of Velma,” he tells the outlet. “It’s a very clear want and obsession to just be around this person who truly just thinks of you as this scenery.”

Historically, “Scooby-Doo” romances have been pretty hit or miss. While a recent direct-to-video film got kudos for giving Velma a cute gay crush, past iterations have been bogged down by love triangles or forced romance plots. “Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated,” for example, is one of the best versions of the show, but in one off-putting storyline, it’s Velma who’s intensely, almost creepily obsessed with Shaggy. According to Richardson, though, the Norville story in “Velma” is about much more than just a love interest. “As we go, more things will develop and he becomes more [full] of a person,” Richardson tells Metacritic. “You learn about how much he loves himself and how much he appreciates himself.”

The first two episodes of “Velma” are now on HBO Max, with new episodes streaming each Thursday.

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