Walt Disney Animation Almost Made An Alfred Hitchcock Homage Movie Called Fraidy Cat

The plot of “Fraidy Cat” sounded very fun and intriguing, to say the least. The film would have centered around a spoiled house cat caught up in a twisty mystery (via the Lost Media Wiki). While this alone makes the film sound great, Stephen J. Anderson revealed some new details of the plot during the “Meet the Robinsons” oral history.

“The cat was, let’s say, like a Jimmy Stewart character in ‘Vertigo,'” he described. “It was very paranoid, witnessed a murder, and was trying to unspool what actually had happened. And it was done in a very Hitchcock-style noir-ish presentation in the boards.”

Now, this is interesting. In previous reports on the film, a murder plotline has never been discussed. On its Disney Wiki page, the crime at the center of the movie is said to be a kidnapping, although there is no source attached that confirms this. Granted, this could be a slip in memory due to having seen the footage almost 20 years ago. However, if these details were accurate, then we really missed out on a great film, and Anderson agrees.

“It would’ve been really great,” he said. “I wish it could have been made, but unfortunately, it didn’t make it.”

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