Warwick Davis Understands Why Some Star Wars Fans Have A Problem With Ewoks

In the interview, Davis was asked what he thought of both sides of the debate. He said: 

“Well, I can see both sides. I love the Ewoks – let’s face it, I am a bit biased, Ewoks are the reason my career as an actor is where it is today (no jokes please). However, I can also understand the argument of those who say that they’re too cute and don’t fit into the ‘Star Wars’ look. 

“I personally like the early concept drawings for the Ewoks that were more primitive. When the costumes were designed, various changes had to be made to accommodate the actors, so a compromise was reached. Even if the look did not make it through to the finished film, George’s concept of primitive creatures bringing down the technologically advanced Empire certainly did, and it works great.”

That is a wonderfully diplomatic answer. At the risk of upsetting half the fandom, I’m going to weigh in here. Narratively it probably would have been better for the creatures to be Wookiees fighting with the Rebels on Kashyyyk, the Wookiee home planet. Fighting teddy bears are silly, and they look ridiculous … and I love them very much. I was exactly the right age for the fighters to be adorable. There was still something feral about them — ever thought about where the dress they gave Leia came from? — and they were just on the creepy side of cute, meaning that there was still a sense of danger. Look, this is not a debate that has an answer. It’s all very personal. That said, my vote is for you, Warwick, and Wicket eating his little rice cake. 

“Star Wars: Episode VI — The Return of the Jedi” is streaming on Disney+.

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