Watch Karen Gillan Lead An Intimate Look Behind The Scenes Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

The video begins with Karen Gillan taking a journey to her trailer, which appears like a small condo, full with a kitchen. She places on some garments that may be ruined by blue splatterings and heads to the make-up chair, the place she’ll sit for a number of hours. A costumer then helps Gillan into her elaborate superhero costume. Amusingly, Gillan has some bother remembering which of the MCU films Nebula has appeared in.

Knowing she’s filming a video diary, Gillan pauses whereas in make-up to reply some questions from followers, mentioning that she has, over the course of 4 function movies, gone by the Nebula make-up course of over 170 instances. Eight minutes into the 25-minute video, it is lastly daylight. Gillan has a really, very, very lengthy working day, it appears. Shooting on “Vol. 3,” she mentions, took about 60 days.

The video goes on to point out Gillan in her Nebula tent, the place she relaxes whereas the “Guardians” movie crew prepares the set. It’s this a part of the footage that can be a particular deal with to followers: we see Gillan appearing on set in a supposed spaceship, surrounded by a inexperienced display with solely the ground and window frames really within the room together with her. Her scene is reverse Rocket Raccoon, and she or he can be delivering her traces to a scale mannequin of the character. 

At the top of filming comes the arduous means of Gillan getting out of make-up and costume. The subsequent day, she has to do it once more, whereas additionally doing publicity for one more film.

Exhausting, sure. But beautiful.

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