We Finally Learn More About Sydney’s Family In Season 2 Of The Bear

The truth is, Sydney cannot seem to give less than 100%. And her current job — an environment where she has supervision from management with experience that cares for her well-being — provides a balance and stability that her self-owned business didn’t have. Additionally, serving a humbler clientele provides her with greater satisfaction.

But even though Sydney’s career is causing some friction with her father, that’s far from the biggest thing the audience learns about her in episode 2. More importantly, we also learn that Sydney’s mom has passed away.

Sydney’s mother’s death serves to bond her to her father, but it also puts additional pressure on Sydney to live up to his expectations. If she fails to get his approval, there is no other parent she can turn to for support. Her mother’s death complicates her remaining parental relationship, but it also softens it. Her dad is more sympathetic to her struggle because he knows the trauma she has suffered. More than that, Sydney tethers him to the great love that he lost. It has clearly strengthened their bond because they revel in sharing memories of her.

If Sydney’s mother’s passing had to do with mental health concerns, it makes even more sense that her father would be on high alert when it comes to their daughter’s stress. His concern is disappointing for Sydney, who seeks only support, but it makes sense.

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