We Have Jason Momoa To Thank For Dante’s Eccentric Fashion Sense In Fast X

“Normally, a director will say ‘Don’t do that.’ But Louis was like, ‘Do more!'” Jason Momoa said, commenting on director Louis Leterrier’s response to his character choices. Meanwhile, vehicle coordinator Dennis McCarthy estimated he and Momoa considered 10 different shades of purple before settling on the perfect one for the car. “I said, ‘I’m getting it in f***ing lavender.'” Momoa told the outlet. “It was one of my main things. I was like, ‘I’m not doing this unless I have everything in pastel.’ And they supported it.”

The actor ultimately ended up with a lavender car, which he said is named after his mother. (“She absolutely hates lavender,” he shared.) The lavender love went far beyond the hue of the Impala’s paint job, though: Momoa hinted that it’s a choice that will make audiences feel the opposite of threatened by Dante — at first. “I wanted to make him look really inviting and easy-going, to have a softer side. That’s why he wears pastels,” he told Total Film, acknowledging that Dante is “a little androgynous.” For the latest “Fast & Furious” film, Momoa seems to have intentionally gone in a different direction than the muscle-bound bad guys before him. “I didn’t want it to turn into another macho, testosterone-showdown kind of thing,” he shared.

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