We Keep Expecting Yellowjackets To Be Sinister, But It Always Turns Out Sad

It’s uncertain that there are individuals standing on the entrance traces to defend the act of cannibalism, however “Yellowjackets” has been superb about presenting the act inside ethical grey areas. There’s a hesitancy to the women admitting that it “isn’t the worst thing in the world,” whereas recognizing that with out the sustenance offered by consuming individuals, they’d all die. However, when cannibalism is lastly launched into the present, the circumstances are emotionally sophisticated and very unhappy.

Unlike the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 survivors, who “Yellowjackets” takesĀ very unfastened inspiration from, the primary particular person to be eaten was Jackie, somebody who initially did survive the airplane crash. There’s an added layer of tragedy to the scenario, particularly once we take a look at the case of how Shauna dealt with the passing of her finest good friend. She spent months sitting along with her corpse and hallucinating her ghost as a companion, solely to be the primary to eat somebody by making a snack of her severed ear.

Yes, cannibalism is resorted to as a way of survival on “Yellowjackets,” however for Shauna, it is also an indication of her grief. She liked Jackie a lot that she felt compelled to eat her, making their preliminary act of cannibalism even sadder than anticipated.

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