Wednesday Season 2 Will Introduce A New Member Of The Addams Family

Though it is very likely that season two of “Wednesday” will be delayed due to the ongoing writers’ strike and the newly announced SAG-AFTRA strike, we do know that the upcoming sophomore season will introduce some changes. For one, it will ditch one of the worst aspects of the first season and remove the romance subplot, and it will also expand on Wednesday’s Latina background by taking inspiration from Jenna Ortega’s own. With that in mind, we have some ideas as to who this new Addams character will be.

We don’t know if Gomez Addams will return, but Luis Guzmán is very much game for more Gomez. If the second season of “Wednesday” wants to expand on the family’s Latino heritage, why not introduce original family members from Gomez’s side? In the original TV show, we meet Morticia’s sister, Ophelia as well as Granny Frump in the ’90s movies, but what about Gomez’s side of the family? 

Sure, there’s Grandmama Addams, Gomez’s mother and a powerful witch like those on Morticia’s side of the family, which would tie into the supernatural aspects of “Wednesday.” But just like the 1993 film introduced a new brother to Wednesday and Pugsley in the hilariously cute mustachioed baby Pubert Addams, “Wednesday” could introduce original characters to the family. This gives the show an opportunity to expand on Gomez’s heritage in hilarious ways without retconning anything from the canon. Or maybe we’ll see Cousin Itt, which is never a bad thing. 

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