We’re Giving Away Some DC Superhero BendyFigs – Here’s How You Can Win

You know the drill, right? For /Film readers who are residents of the United States and Canada, have a rudimentary grasp of how Twitter works, and either love DC or know someone who does, I have some exciting news for you. /Film is offering three readers the chance to win the BendyFigs grand prize that collects (most of) the Justice League together in one handy gift. All you need to do is head on over to Twitter, make sure you follow both the official /Film and Looper social media accounts, retweet /Film’s post explaining the details of the giveaway, and wait and see if you end up as one of the winners. That’s it!

All three winners will get an Aquaman, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman BendyFigs collectible shipped (for free!) upon being notified of their selection. But remember, you’ll need to follow all the rules to the letter in order to be eligible: that means being a residence of either the United States or Canada, following the two main Twitter accounts, and retweeting the post embedded below in this article. All four figures are done up in their iconic live-action outfits, from Aquaman’s golden look from the end of James Wan’s “Aquaman” to Batman’s distinctive armor-plating look from “Justice League” to Wonder Woman’s familiar red/blue/gold imagery to Superman himself wearing his classic look.

We’ve included the announcement post on Twitter below for your convenience, so what are you waiting for? Simply click the link and enter for a chance to take home these four exclusive BendyFigs toys. But be warned: you have until January 12, 2023 at precisely 11:59 PM EST to get under the wire and make yourself eligible to win. Don’t wait!

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