What Are Critics And Fans Saying About Blue Beetle?

Several members of the /Film team saw the film and had thoughts on the cinematic debut of Jaime Reyes. “#BlueBeetle absolutely rules!” said Rafael Motamayor, adding that “George Lopez steals every scene he’s in, the cultural specificity made me cry several times, and there is a reference to the biggest Mexican superhero that made me extremely happy. Can’t wait to see it again!”

Our own Ethan Anderton also saw Soto’s DC Comics adaptation and had more mixed things to say about it. “#BlueBeetle is best when leaning into the Reyes family dynamic and Mexican culture, but the superhero stuff feels undercooked and cliche,” he said. “There is a charm that comes from feeling like a mid-90s comic book movie, though, and the Reyes ensemble is fantastic. Villains? Not so much.”

Witney Seibold wrote /Film’s official review of the film. He called it a “fun but frustratingly shabby and rushed superhero movie” and gave the film a 5.5 out of 10. Seibold added that “‘Blue Beetle’ races breathlessly through its paces, hopped up on Jarritos, chattering through plot points that would have been dazzling in 2008, but now feel like the final lap of a marathon” but also suggested, “Give it a few more drafts and ‘Blue Beetle’ may have emerged as something extraordinary.”

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