What Does A Swamp Thing Movie Mean For Other Vertigo Characters In The New DC Universe?

There are a lot of smaller Vertigo titles that could potentially see adaptations because they’re relatively unknown and anyone should know better than to bet against James Gunn’s love for obscure characters, but what about the rest of the big boys? 

The chances of Neil Gaiman’s beloved “The Sandman” characters appearing in the DCU are slim to none, given the fact that there’s an ongoing series adaptation over at Netflix. It’s also very unlikely that we’ll see any kind of adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon series “Preacher,” because there was already a pretty recent TV adaptation from AMC, so there isn’t exactly a huge fan demand for more right this second. More “Preacher” or, even better, a totally different take on “Preacher”, would be amazing, but fans will probably have to wait a little while to see Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy live again. 

An adaptation of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s “V for Vendetta” isn’t completely off the table because the Wachowski’s movie is almost 20 years old and Moore’s “Watchmen” got an incredible new series on HBO, so never say never. It’s just, you know, not super likely.

There are dozens of Vertigo titles and many of them have dedicated fanbases of various sizes, so hopefully, Gunn and Safran help some of them make the jump to TV or the movies so a whole world of new fans can discover them for the first time. 

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