What Does The Call For Mencken Mean For ATN?

Roman (Kieran Culkin) has been all in for Mencken since they met on the “Future Freedom Summit” again in “What It Takes.” As a wealthy, white, edgelord with a sadistic streak, Roman is the goal demographic for Mencken’s taste of far-right politics. There’s one other, extra cynical purpose for Roman’s help although — ought to he be elected, Mencken has promised Roman he’ll block GoJo’s acquisition of Waystar Royco.

Early within the episode, when it looks as if Jiménez has it within the bag, Roman pays a go to to Mencken’s marketing campaign. He talks with the person himself and prepares to run cowl for his loss — i.e. utilizing ATN to allege voter fraud. “Even if you’re not going to be the president, you will be our president,” Roman guarantees.

Once the assault in Milwaukee occurs, Roman rises up as Mencken’s voice inside ATN. He pushes relentlessly to have ATN name Wisconsin for Mencken and obfuscate who the offender of the Milwaukee assault was. Once Arizona is known as as properly, Roman pushes to have the community declare Mencken the winner. On all counts, he succeeds.

Mencken solely “wins” as a result of the destroyed Milwaukee votes cannot be counted — and it is all however assured these votes would’ve pushed Jiménez over the road. As a consequence, there isn’t a true winner, because the outcomes must undergo the judicial system. The neutral factor for a information group to do could be to finish the evening with the winner undeclared. Roman as a substitute subverts democracy to push his agenda, cynically saying he is solely counting “the votes we do have.” By having ATN announce Mencken because the winner, Roman creates a story that may embolden his supporters and certain result in extra violence. This naturally upsets individuals — particularly the Roy household’s token liberal, Shiv (Sarah Snook).

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