What Jesper Fahey’s New Abilities Could Mean For Shadow And Bone Season 3

The Grisha, although formidable in all ranks, followed a strict hierarchy when they were under General Kirigan’s (Ben Barnes) leadership. The Materialki, also known as the Order of Fabrikators, are generally considered the lowest-ranking Grisha, but this outlook is a byproduct of a corrupt hierarchical power structure, as opposed to a true assessment of their abilities. Thanks to Alina and Nikolai’s efforts, the Fabrikators — which includes Durasts and Alkemi — now enjoy greater involvement in the Second Army and play a significant role in altering the history of Ravka. The latest season is a testament to this change, as we see more Materialki helping out both Kirigan and Alina in their respective plans for Ravka’s future.

Alkemi, as the name suggests, are experts in crafting alchemical formulas and potions (like Vladim), while Durasts can manipulate metal, glass, and steel (among other materials) to attack, defend, create, and transform. Both Durasts and Alkemi have contributed to Ravkan commerce with the invention of corecloth, reinforced steel, and blasting fires that mimic liquified fire.

The events of “Shadow and Bone” seasons 1 and 2 indicate that Jesper is a Durast who is able to transform small objects by changing their shape, texture, and composition. This is also the reason why he never misses his shots, as he is easily able to manipulate the trajectory of metal bullets even amid impossible odds. Although Jesper is careful to hide his Grisha origins, his fellow Crows are quick to unravel the truth; while Kaz mentions it briefly as a matter-of-fact observation, Wylan (Jack Wolfe) confronts Jesper about hiding who he truly is. Interestingly, Jesper undergoes an intense emotional experience right after this exchange with Jesper, where he is nudged into accepting his roots and stepping into the full extent of his powers. 

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