What The Ant-Man Movies Are Truly About, According To Director Peyton Reed

During a press conference for “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” attended by /Film’s Jeremy Mathai, Peyton Reed shared what he believes to be the emotional core of the “Ant-Man” films: Family. He’s fascinated by family and what holds it together — and what breaks it apart. Reed said: 

“The ‘Ant-Man’ movies have really always been about family. It is a generational story about a family of heroes and Scott Lang, who is not a billionaire super scientist, or anything getting sucked into this world, and Hope van Dyne, who is the legacy daughter of two superheroes … it’s this generational thing. And now young Cassie Lang who is probably Scott’s biggest motivating factor. Having time with his daughter. He wants to be a hero, obviously, he’s an Avenger, but it’s really about work-life balance and also finding time with his daughter.”

Reed went on to mention that Cassie is now a young adult with her own personality and flaws and history and that will become a huge factor in the new relationship dynamic between her and Scott. Nothing like spending a few unsolicited days in the Quantum Realm to force the family into some much-needed conversations, right? 

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