What TIE Stands for in the Star Wars Universe

When it involves autos and spacecraft in Star Wars, kind is way extra essential than operate. The Empire’s autos are typically massive, blocky, and intimidating. They have to appear to be partitions or weapons or stabbing weapons. That they do not make plenty of sense from a sensible design perspective is not essential. The AT-ATs from “The Empire Strikes Back,” as an illustration, are simply actually neat-looking. They are large, forward-assault tanks that stroll round on tall, giraffe-like legs. How is that extra sensible than a tank? It is not, however it appears otherworldly. Later within the collection, in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” it was established that Star Destroyers might enter a planet’s ambiance and hover in place. Why fiddle with tanks and AT-ATs in any respect when a large warship can descend from the heavens and lay waste to any potential Rebel base? 

AT-AT, by the way, stands for “all-terrain armored transport.” The smaller, two-legged AT-STs are “all-terrain scout transports.” These abbreviations are usually present in expanded universe lore, and are recorded in sourcebooks like Landry Q. Walker’s “Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles.” 

The droid R2-D2’s identify interprets to the very fact that it’s the second technology robotic droid, and is of series-2. It has been established, nonetheless, that the droid’s identify was taken from real-life filmmaking technical communicate when sound editor Walter Murch requested for reel two, dialogue monitor two — R2-D2 — whereas engaged on “American Graffiti.” C-3PO, in the meantime, does not have a extra elaborate which means than he’s a C-series droid, with a serial variety of 3PO. NASA, nonetheless, within the character’s honor, named one among their divisions the  Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office, or C3PO for brief.

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